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Your brand needs a voice. It needs character. We craft a visual story backed by authentic and trusted marketing experience. Marketing, Design and Branding – Brandnetic pulls it all together.

Brandnetic Studios Ltd offers inspired, contemporary branding and design and knowledgeable along with creative marketing. Focused on close client relationships Brandnetic Studios takes a personal interest in helping you reach your ultimate goal. Understanding our clients  helps us collaborate with you to craft a creative solution. Relying on a portfolio of successful branding experience, an understanding of design fundamentals, extensive marketing knowledge and print and packaging expertise Brandnetic Studios knows what it takes to get your brand to the next level. Solid relationships with a trusted network of suppliers and vendors will ensure efficient and quality production.
F12 is not the logo key. Layouts don’t grow on trees. And good ideas don’t just fall out of the sky. Good thing you’ve got us. We're going to want to get to know you, ask you a lot of questions. Think of it like a first date. By the end of the process, not only will we have a fancy brand profile and clearly defined objectives, but we'll probably be friends (on Facebook at least). We'll use all that information to brainstorm ideas, fine-tune your brand, and make sure that personality comes across as we craft your message. Our goal is to set you apart from your competition, by looking your best, talking the talk and walking the walk.
Brandnetic’s principal James Calder has an extensive portfolio built over fifteen years in the design and marketing field. His work communicates ideas creatively and professionally. He is a talented designer with a skill for quarterbacking large scale projects and understanding the intricasies of project scope, timelines and budget. Having worked on global brands in the spirits industry, branding Okanagan real estate developments from the ground up as well as years of experience rebranding coffee roasters, cafes and restaurants across Western Canada James brings a wealth of experience to the table.


Brandnetic Studios provides a wide range of services including brand development, strategic planning and print and web design services.

Having a gameplan is where it all begins. What’s first? It’s an age old question - the chicken or the egg. Similarily it’s difficult to have a Marketing Plan without a Marketing Strategy. A Marketing Plan without a Marketing Strategy is meaningless. A Marketing Strategy provides the goals for your Marketing Plans. It’s our virtual compass that points us in the right direction. The Marketing Plan is required to provide a detailed roadmap for our clients’ success and how to achieve specific goals. Simply put, the strategy consists of ‘what’ has to be done, the plan will be ‘how' it is done. Once the strategy is in place, the brand can be established and fine tuned. Brands are like people. They have a certain appearance and style. They speak in a certain tone of voice. And, they act a certain way. They all have a story to tell. These characteristics and qualities lend themselves to crafting creative marketing solutions.

What They Say

Brandnetic has the unique ability to transform a vision of a company into a brand that speaks to your audience. Their excellence, talent and unique abilities breathe life into your brand. Brandnetic is our first call ALWAYS when any one of our customers want the absolute best product for their brand. We absolutely love working with Brandetic as their talent and professionalism are unmatched. .Janice Taylor, Just Be Friends
I’ve used Brandetic for everything from logo design, website input, social media advice and design work for my media company and professional practice. They have always been refreshing and innovative with their designs and suggestions. I will continue to use Brandnetic for my professional practice and media company and would highly recommend their work for anyone looking for an excellent graphic and digital media marketing company.  Graham Jenkins, Perch Media
James and the Brandnetic team shattered our expectations. We had a tons of ideas and snippets of what we wanted for our brand and site floating in our heads and couldn’t put it into words but James and the team were able to make these a reality. Super professional, creative, timely and fun to work with. I would strongly recommend anyone looking to rebrand, launching a venture or building a new site to work with the Brandnetic team. Donnie Ungaro, Culinary Ink
Brandnetic does AWESOME work! We work with them as much as we can!.Holly MacDougall

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