5 Benefits Of Blogging For Your Business

You may have heard that blogging is a great marketing tool, but why? Isn’t selling a great product and advertising it enough?

Perhaps, but blogging can be a really cost efficient way to increase sales for various reasons. Here are 5 of them.

It’s Amazing For Search Engine Optimization

Want to rank higher in Google? Get blogging. Google is high on topical optimization and they place a ton of importance on it. Just writing about the niche your in will help google know you’re a great resource for your readers. The better the resource?Google thinks you are, the higher you’ll rank.

Google also LOVES websites that update?and add content regularly.

Want proof? Go to Google and ask any question you like. How many results on the first page are blogs or articles? Exactly. This is no accident.

We’ve already talked about how creating content?can increase?sales – but here’s more proof:

Top results always have more content. Period.


It Positions You As The Expert

By simply blogging about a topic you know about (dog grooming, car sales, making lattes, or birthday party organization) you become the expert.

For example, if you run a party equipment rental business, you can do a blog on the top 5 party rental items, or what makes a great party, or 3 ways to make your party a success. All of it positions you as the expert. This means customers are more likely to come to you when they need help.


It Forces You To Learn?What People Want

When looking for blog topics, or questions to answer, it really helps you get in touch with what people are looking for. This makes you better at what you do.

Business owners are busy,?and building research into your marketing plan can really help you learn new things about your clients and business.


It Personalizes You

You’re not just a business, you’re a person darn it! Blogging allows clients to get to know the people behind the transaction. ?It makes you and your business a little more human. Customers love the personal touch, and reading a blog allows them to connect a little bit.

Use your blog to not only talk about your business, but yourselves. Talk about your people, what goes in to making the product or service, success stories, and just any behind the scenes insights you may have. You’d be surprised how customers react.


It Creates a Community

Just creating content and sharing it in any form will do this – whether it’s blogging, pictures or video. Blogging allows people to connect with your business in a more fulfilling way. It’s not just a one way transaction.

For example, if you’re a bike shop the transaction doesn’t need to end at a bicycle sale. Sharing trail maps, organizing rides, creating meetups, and blogging about it helps to create this community.

Customers and friends can be the same thing. The blog just helps connect those dots.


If you’d love to blog but you’re worried about where you’ll get all the ideas, we can help. This is something you can absolutely do yourself, but we have content creation services for those who want some consistency and marketing direction.

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