Our Process

The Big Idea

In a market crowded with competitors, our marketing team in Kelowna works with you to find creative ways to break through the clutter and get your message out. We call this the ?Big Idea?. We use persuasive branding to effect meaningful change in your business. We make you stand out.

We bring a results oriented process to every partnership. There are four major components to our process, and each one will be customized to your business and goals.

Step 1

Research & Understanding

First, we’d need to get to know you. We need to spend some time simply listening to your goals, objectives and dreams. This serves as the foundation for everything we?re about to do. Before we leap into creative development, we learn about your brand, inside out.

This part of the process usually involves meeting with staff at all levels – from CEO?s all the way down to those on the ground floor of the company. There?s no better way to learn about the business than by talking to those on the front lines.

We also do a comprehensive brand recon. We audit all existing brand elements, including historical versions. This research will help us uncover current brand perceptions and a potential brand direction. If you?re missing any opportunities in the market, we?ll find them here.

Step 2

Planning & Strategy

The intelligence we gather during our research and brand recon helps us to see the market from your perspective. We take that information and apply it from a marketing angle so that we?re able to build a strategy that delivers results. This process will shape our strategy going forward collaboratively. It is what connects big creative ideas and opportunities, to a platform we can execute and measure.

Step 3

Creative Direction

Once we have a blueprint, the creative process can begin. This stage leads to crafting clear messaging along with initial conceptual designs that are developed and refined to reflect your brand.

We?re not going to throw up initial concepts to sell you on our agency at the first meeting. That?s why this is step three. We prefer to deliver results, rather than a flashy presentation. Our best results come from big creative concepts built after fully understanding your business.

Step 4

Integration & Metrics

Brandnetic talks a lot about results, and that?s because we measure the impact of everything we do. Your brand evolves everyday. We?re dead set against set-it-and-forget-it marketing. If you?re attempting a big creative idea, the biggest mistake that can be made is not adjusting with the market.

You can?t manage what you don?t measure. We take pride in launching big ideas that no one has tried before, so you can be sure we?re measuring the ongoing impact. After we launch collateral via relevant marketing channels, we?ll follow along and adjust accordingly based on performance. We will further amplify your brand message via social media as we brainstorm, define and implement your content strategy to coincide with special events.

The Process People

Meet The Team

A great process is nothing without the right people to execute the strategy. Our team at Brandnetic Studios is a blend of experienced and creative professionals from around the country that have called Kelowna home.?Meet?the people who will help you achieve your goals.