El Taquero Tacos and Tequila

Branding & Strategy

No sombreros or cactuses here. Instead, Brandnetic developed a more contemporary, sophisticated identity drawn from authentic Mexican folk elements that we reimagined and paired with contemporary typography. Traditional Zapotec artistry and folklore are represented through updated interpretations of traditional illustration styles in the jaguar head logo and barro negro pottery pattern.

Inspired by street side taco stands of Mexico City and family recipes, El Taquero comes from deep Mexican roots. Our goal was to explore those roots to see how they would translate into a memorable brand.?We discovered that ancestral crafts, like barro negro pottery (?black clay?) which originated from the Oaxaca region in Mexico, are still used in everyday life. Distinguished by it?s colour, sheen, and unique and intricate designs, it was a perfect opportunity to bring this art to light within the brand.


A Fresh Look

Packaging & Brand

Vibrant colours are used across all branding to represent, not only the lively Mexican culture, but also the fresh, natural selection of ingredients in El Taquero?s food.

Overall, the branding allows El Taquero to go from lunch counter to tequila bar while keeping a bit of street influence to feel authentic, along with bringing in elements that create a link to the owner’s roots, all in a sophisticated package.

Strong Symbolism

In the logo we used the head of a Jaguar which is symbolic of a spirit animal, or in Spanish, Alebrijes. It is the spirit animal of El Taquero?s owner Izzy Camarillo. Spirit animals are brightly coloured Mexican folk art sculptures of fantastical creatures. The jaguar spirit animal symbolizes power and passion which is very much felt throughout the Mexican communities. This icon features strong line strokes that kept this concept legible and recognizable. We designed several lock-ups to accommodate different applications that let the jaguar loose or keep him under control in a roundel.

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