Nitro Cold Brew Coffee in a Can

Packaging and Design

With the continuing success of their cold brew coffee program, Cherry Hill launched their line of canned nitro cold brew coffee across Western Canada this summer.? Taking their signature recipe, infusing it with nitrogen, and packaging it in a can, Cherry Hill is now able to expand its geographic footprint of their wildly popular nitrogen-infused cold brew on tap at restaurants, bars and cafes in the Okanagan.

Nitro cold brew is cold-brewed coffee that?s been infused with nitrogen, giving it a smooth, creamy taste and frothy top similar to what you?d find on a Guinness. While traditional iced coffee is brewed quickly with hot water and then chilled, cold brew is made by steeping coffee beans for hours in cold water.

Cool Can in a Hot Market

We aimed to help Cherry Hill Coffee outdo and outbrew its competitors through the use of smart branding and gorgeous designing. In the coffee world they stand out as fresh and bold, and they really make an impact in the stores.?The launch of this innovative product makes the nitro experience available anywhere.

Along with a designing their cans, Brandnetic was also tasked with creating shelf talkers and shipping trays, developing a landing page and providing art direction and design for display ads and a social media campaign.

Peaks Logo Design by Brandnetic Studios
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