Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Branding

Branding, Packaging, Marketing, Photo Shoot?& Art Direction

This branding project was a new coffee brand for one of our clients. It needed to stand out in a crowded market of cold brew coffee. From concept to first pour,?this brand was built from the ground up.

Introducing Nitro Cold Brew Coffee: Engineered for kicking back ? from beach days with your bestie to bombing black diamonds ? Nitro cold brew coffee loves a good time. Cold brewed and steeped for twenty-four hours, our Nitro cold brew coffee is then infused with nitrogen for a rich, creamy taste. Fill up a growler, order at your favourite cafe or make it at home. The options are endless.

(photo credit: Darren Hull / @dahul)

The Nitro Experience

It starts with the beans. Eight ounces of perfectly roasted beans, carefully sourced specifically for Nitro Cold brew coffee. The science of cold brew coffee.

Services: Branding, Copy-writing, Packaging, Marketing, Web Design, Coordinate Photo-shoot, Art Direction.

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